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Just when I think I physically cannot cry any more, my body surprises me and the tears don’t stop. I just want to know why she did it. I miss her so much.

There is still some time to be surprised.

There is still some time to ask for help.

There is still some time to start again.

There is still some time for love to find you.

It’s not too late.

You’re not alone.

- Jamie Tworkowski (via raewrites)

you spend so many years with someone and you don’t expect them to be gone so suddenly, i love you and i miss you 

“ Wonderful things are happening for you. Even if you encounter some obstacles, just focus on the grand, wonderful, amazing possibilities waiting for you just around the corner. ”
- l.i.u. (via loveinspireuniversally)
“ Please remember
you are not alone.
Please remember
you are loved.
Please remember
your life makes a difference.
& please, please remember
that your smile alone could
light up the entire world.
Promise me you’ll remember.
The world needs your light. ”
- l.i.u. (via loveinspireuniversally)


I miss you so much already


jesymix14: Sound check!!!!


Daniel Radcliffe in Horns